Protecting Atlanta’s Historic Centennial Park for the 2018 NCAA Football Championship Celebration

When Solomon Group was tasked with producing concerts and other festivities in historic Centennial Park in downtown Atlanta, they required a temporary flooring product that could handle heavy vehicle traffic while protecting the pavement and lawn areas during the extended project timeframe. Atlanta’s winter weather can be quite varying from freezing temps with sleet and ice to hot and sunny within a day or so. Therefore, whatever flooring was laid down had to perform in extreme circumstances, which made QEFS’s I-Trac Drivable Flooring the perfect choice.

QEFS laid down over 40,000 sq.ft. in wintery conditions to support a PGP stage featuring 4 days and nights of concerts and events. This was the perfect application for I-Trac, as its unique form-factor and connection system prevents expansion and bubbling problems common to other types of plastic flooring typically deployed. I-Trac’s geometric shape offered a benefit in allowing the entire assembly to follow the contour of the rolling terrain/slope of the park surface with no issues.

QEFS works with a wide variety of outdoor events, from music to sports, and is well suited to protect grounds while providing safe spots for stages, vehicles and pedestrian traffic. With new products and ever-expanding services for 2018, we look forward to servicing events in all types of places and conditions.

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