Q-Lite Access Mats

Our Q-Lite access and ground protection mats provide traction over sand, mud, marshy areas and protects your personnel, equipment, vehicles and turf. Q-Lite can be used to create equipment access roadways for vehicles, trucks and equipment or large work pads for drilling, administrative compounds, bone yards, temporary flooring, access roads, surface protection and other industrial applications. Q-Lite mats are easy to install, transport and maintain. Mats are rugged and durable; each standard mats can support up to 120 tons (static load).

Q-Lite is man portable, installs rapidly, is virtually indestructible and lasts a lifetime.

Use Q-Lite portable roads to get heavy work equipment to a job site, while protecting the ground and your turf. Eliminate rutting, soil compaction, and other damage to sensitive grass, turf and subsurface systems. A superior alternative to plywood, Q-Lite mats will not warp, rot, crack, delaminate or absorb chemicals. Manufactured with HDPE, Q-Lite mats can be used over and over for many years. Mats can be interlocked together and are available in a black or white (translucent) colors.

  • No tools required, can be installed by 1-2 persons
  • 4’x8’x1/2” thick, 86 lbs
  • Varying tread patterns on each side for traction and slip resistance
  • Up to 500 mats can be transported per truckload
  • 2-way and 4-way connectors for securing mats
  • Available for rental and purchase

Industries & Uses

  • Construction
  • Military / Govt.
  • Pool Contractors
  • Cemeteries
  • Golf Courses
  • Utilities
  • Mobile Home Movers

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Access Stairs
Access Mats Interlocking
Access Mats Install
Access Mats Detail
Temp Flooring Access Mats
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