Wood Flooring

Quality Event Flooring has unmatched expertise and capabilities when it comes to on-grade flooring, multi-layer decking and raised scaffolding flooring.

Non-Elevated Flooring (On-Grade)

QEFS offers rentals of plywood flooring on-grade in providing a shimmed level floor for a variety of uses, specifically tent structure flooring. We first lay 4”x6” wooden beams on-grade and deck the shimmed beams with 3/4” plywood to create a solid stable floor for pedestrian and light vehicle use. We can increase the strength of the assembly per the customers’ specifications to accommodate equipment loading requirements. This is accomplished by altering the beam spacing and multi-layering of plywood decking. QEFS has unlimited square footage capacity, we can handle the job regardless of size.

Scaffold Elevated Flooring

QEFS offers rentals of scaffold elevated flooring for a multitude of uses. We are experts at providing 3/4” plywood single or multi-layer depending on service (drivable or non-drivable). Plywood decking is laid on 4×6 beams on raised scaffolding build up to any height specified by the client. Stairs, ramps, railings as required will meet ADA specifications.

Our scaffolding is constructed of three basic building materials: steel scaffolding, wooden timbers and plywood decking. These three components have provided reliable foundation flooring for stages, tents, storage platforms and a host of other temporary structures.

Having a private party, corporate event, military function, sporting event, or any other project that requires an elevated floor? Safety being the main concern, QEFS will ensure the well-being of your customers in offering a safe yet versatile scaffolding support system engineered to the required specifications to support structures, skyboxes, and bleachers of any size; even multi-levels.

With our custom built scaffold elevated flooring, we have the ability to transform almost any location into the perfect venue for your event or project. We can create a level surface on any grade of land including installation of flooring over pools or other existing features. The QEFS team works in all locations and terrain to ensure a seamless, level foundation for seating, walkways and tents.

  • Engineered System
  • Multi-levels
  • ADA compliant (stair, ramps, railings)

Industries & Uses

  • Tent Industry
  • Military / Govt.
  • Governmental Assistance
  • Disaster Relief
  • Emergency Response
  • Industrial Sites
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Concerts
  • Construction
  • Pool Contractors
  • Cemeteries
  • Golf Courses
  • Utilities
  • Mobile Home Movers
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