SuperBowl 51

Fox had a unique challenge in re-locating their live studio over a parking garage in the crowded Houston downtown at Discovery Green Park. Working with Fox/Party Planners West, their promoter, and park management, Quality Event Flooring System provided 45,000 sq ft of I-Trac covering the natural turf roof deck. We first laid a liner to assist with the typical winter downpour patterns of South Texas, then installed the I-Trac matting to create a solid interlocked surface for equipment and erection of the various studious. A strict compressed install time frame of 10 hours was met, during the time a 4’ rain occurred. A 120,000 lb crane and forklift traffic traversed over the flooring to assist in the install and the matting provided an excellent base of operations. The television studios were assembled and finished with custom carpets and logos provided and professionally installed by Quality Event Flooring System. The studios and supporting equipment were removed and the flooring was taken up in 8 hours. The park was cleared and returned to the city without any issues due to the interlocking features and strength of the I-Trac which provided a solid, safe and uniform surface for the duration of the project which experienced several significant rain storms. Being the first in and last out is typical in the event flooring industry; so Quality Event Flooring System remained on-site to ensure the project’s success. The promoter and park management were as excited in the quality and performance of the flooring system utilized as the SuperBowl itself, and we can all agree that was a game for the ages!

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